Who Am I?

My name is Hailey Springer and I am very excited to be the Boston Sea Rovers 2022 Summer Intern! I grew up in York, Maine and am currently a freshman at University of California, Santa Barbara. I hope to continue on the double major path of aquatic biology and communications! I am a part of the UCSB Scuba and Freedive club and have loved exploring the kelp forests off the west coast.

I started getting into photography in high school, and practiced by taking photos for local businesses in southern Maine. I also completed a year-long research paper exploring the marketing aspect of marine conservation, where I was able to converse with many underwater photographers and learn about their work. 

I became a PADI open water certified diver my freshman year of high school after seeing images taken by Becky Kagan Schott in a magazine my dad got me for Christmas. I am very excited to keep diving this winter and spring and ‘dive’ right into this opportunity next summer!

I hope this blog will serve as a place where you can understand the experiences of a Boston Sea Rovers Intern as if you were there, and I plan to include links to people and places I reference in a hope to make it as understandable and educational as possible. I’ll keep this, as well as my Instagram @haileyyspringer , updated with my upcoming experiences! Feel free to reach out!