Diving Folly Cove with Jake Stout:

After getting back from Monterey, I only had a few days before going back to school for the semester. I decided to take advantage of my free time and get in contact with Jake. Luckily, our schedules lined up and we managed to do a couple dives at Old Garden beach, in Gloucester MA. On our first dive we headed out along the left wall of the cove, following the bottom down to about 50 feet before turning around. The dive was a lot of fun, there were a ton of flounders, little tunicates, and hermit crabs scuttling across the sand. It was weird getting used to my big flashes after using the snoot in Monterey, but I still managed to isolate my subjects against the background.

During our surface interval, Jake and I discussed a lot about underwater photography, and planned out some shots for my next dive. He suggested I try and accentuate the ability of the flounder to hide in the sand. Soon on the second dive, I found a baby flounder that gave me just the opportunity. I got a shot I was really happy with, showing the amazing ability of the flounder to hide itself, with a stark side-lighting providing some contrast to still accentuate the flounder against the background. For this dive we stuck to the right side of the cove which was incredibly rich, full of dozens of flounder and lots of crustaceans. It was a fitting end to an amazing summer, and a great learning experience as I continue to work on my underwater photography.