Reef Dives

After we had dove all the wrecks a few times we did a few reef dives. Before jumping into the water Rick told me to keep my eyes out for the Mick Jagger fish, aka the ocean pout. It’s so named because of its massive lips that looks like it had a bad plastic surgery job. I’ve always wanted to see one of these weird fish, so I kept a lookout. On our first dive I found a large male under a rock. It was pretty cool to see. On another dive I again kept looking for them. On this dive I saw 13 of them! I saw ones all different ages, sizes and colors. I even saw a territorial display between two males over a female. It was amazing to see so many of them. Most of them were a little frightened of me but I would move very slowly and stick around near them and they would get use to me. After gaining their trust I could swim up to them and put the camera a few inches from their massive lips. It a was fantastic dive.

On another reef dive we went into a sea cavern. The dark cavern was filled with orange sponges that lines the walls. At the end the rock formations were even more amazing than the top side of the island. The colors all reflecting of the surface and rocks was hypnotic. It was a great dive!