Bell Island Snorkeling and Kayaking

While in Newfoundland I also got a chance to go out and catch cod. Rick brought us out into the harbor we put lines down as humpback whales beached around us, and after a couple minutes we were pulling up cod. In total we got 14. Back at the dock Rick filleted them for us to eat the rest of the week. Needless to say the meals were amazing.

I also got the chance to go around Bell Island in a kayak. It was really fun to see the shore line and the geomorphology of the island. We saw a few bald eagles flying by and some of the old entrances to the iron mines. We also went snorkeling around looking at some of the kelp and other fauna around the shore. Later in the evening we went to the Bell Island mines, where we got a tour of the old mine shafts that were shut down and flooded. They were closed over Christmas break and the workers weren’t told the mine was closing so their tools and work spaces are just as they left it. The mines were cold and dark with redish orange lights throughout. It was really cool to see all of the history from the mines to the shipwrecks.