Day Two of Diving with the Quest

We woke up early and loaded the boat for the day’s adventure.  Today’s crew consisted of Eric Takakjian, Lori Takakjian, Tom Mulloy, Dave Morton, Pat Morton, Heather Knowles and Dave Caldwell.  We headed out to the wreck site.  This was an unknown wreck site.  I was the safety diver for the day.  Dave and Pat headed into the water.  I went in half an hour later while they were doing their deco stop to collect their extra stage bottles and to see if they needed anything. After bringing up their stage bottles I exited the water and helped Dave and Heather and Eric suit up.  They entered the water and I went in a half hour after they did to repeat my task of collecting stage bottles.  We got a little side tracked after the dive with another project.  Because of this we were unable to do a second dive. We headed for shore and quickly unloaded the boat.  We all said our goodbyes and headed for home.  As soon as it had begun my adventure with the Quest were over.