My Adventure With “Team SMAST”

I drove to New Bedford, Mass where I met up with Christel. She is one of the main people in charge of the lobster tagging program at SMAST.  We gathered our dive gear First we had a briefing on the days activities.  After which we loaded our dive gear into our vehicles and headed to go launch the inflatable. When we got to the inflatable we loaded all our tanks and heavy dive equipment into it.  Since we could not all fit into the inflatable we headed to the trail head to begin our hike to the beach with the rest of the dive equipment.  We set up our dive gear on the beach and waited for the inflatable to arrive. Once it arrived we unloaded all of the gear and set up transit lines in the water.  We would swim these lines, picking up lobsters along the way.  We then brought them back to shore and tagged them.  After a long day of diving and tagging we released the lobsters and began our trek back home.