Day on the Scallop Boat

Christel sent me to work with the Scallop people from SMAST.  They were going to be preparing a scallop boat to be used as a research vessel for a scallop study.  We drove over to the boat and to my amazement they had already carried in all of the gear and all we had to do was wire it in.  There were more T.V. monitors and cameras then you can  imagine.  We rigged up what to me looked like a tripod about five feet tall and five feet wide. Mounted on the tripod was lights and cameras.  This was then dropped on the bottom of the ocean to count the number of scallops.  We went out and grabbed lunch then returned to their lab.  I was shown some videos of prior scallop projects.  I then surprised Vin by showing up at Mass Marine Fisheries to say hello.  From here I headed to home.