Today was the Sea Rover’s Career Opportunities in Marine Sciences hosted by George Buckley. I carpooled with Vin and Kim Malkoski to the Boston Public Library where we set up and handed out programs. The speakers included George Buckley, Dr. Skomal, Jim Clark, Sarah Taylor, and the 2004 and 2008 Scalli Interns Kate Douglas and Kim Malkoski.

At Undersea Divers in Beverly, MA.

Unfortunately, the 2009 Scalli Intern Dan Turner was in Costa Rica for COMS and couldn’t make his presentation. However, Kate and Kim described what they did while they were interning, and the job opportunities they had after their internships. Not only am I excited to be the new Scalli Intern, but I’m also excited about the doors that are opening for me.

After COMS, we grabbed a quick lunch and Kim, Vin, and I headed to Beverley, MA to Undersea Divers. Unfortunately, Bob Boyle of Undersea Divers who donated my gear wasn’t there, so Shaun Maguire outfitted me with my gear. It was Christmas all over again as I received my Aqualung Pearl BCD, Suunto D4 dive computer,  scuba tank, 8mm Aqualung SolAfx Wetsuit, and Aqualung Titan regulator and octopus with Sherwood depth, air, and compass gages. I couldn’t wait to go diving and use my new gear!

From the dive shop, we headed back to Boston. Kim and I had dinner with some of the other interns (Kate Douglas, Rick Simon, and Sea Rover Mike Zappala). It’s really nice that everyone is so close with one another, and I feel so welcome as the new intern!