Beneath the Sea

With Jeff Hannigan and Faith Ortins of DUI.

The dive show was bigger than I expected! There were so many people and tons of booths. I was able to meet the North America Our World Underwater Scholar Josh Stewart, and everyone at the Diving Unlimited International booth. Faith Ortins (Vice President/Sales) of DUI fitted me for my new suit. I had never tried on a dry suit before, so I was really excited to get measured for my very own custom-fit TLS350! I am so thankful to DUI, Faith Ortins, Susan Long (President and CEO), and Dick Long (Founder and Chairman of the Board) for providing me a suit for my internship. I can’t believe how much support and generousity the sponsors give to the Frank Scalli Internship!

The day was busy, but I made sure I went to Jim and Pat Stayer’s presentation about the Maldives. After watching all their video footage, I wanted to go back to the Maldives with them! I’m pretty excited to be able to stay with them this summer like all of the other interns have. I want to learn more about underwater videography from them.

Beneath the Sea was so much more than I expected, but it just makes me even more excited to see the Sea Rover’s Clinic next year at their new venue!