Diving Dry: King’s Beach, RI

For our second day of diving, Vin took me (and Chris) to King’s Beach in Rhode Island. Our mission for the day was to acquaint me with my new Diving Unlimited International (DUI) drysuit and with some of the techniques and skills necessary to be a successful drysuit diver. (A big thanks goes out to Faith and the DUI staff for fitting me for this great suit!) We completed two dives this day. Our max depth for both of the dives was about 30 feet and our dives lasted about 50 minutes each.

On our first dive, we practiced drysuit skills such as removing weights underwater, doffing and donning a BCD underwater, and preventing a runaway accent due to the overinflation of the drysuit. After only a few dives in my drysuit, I already feel very comfortable in it. Thanks for all the help, Vin!

On our second dive, we spent more time exploring the environment and interacting with the wildlife. Vin showed me how to feed clams to the small fish, like cunners, in the region. It was so much fun hand-feeding the fish! On our dives we also saw a number of skates and flounder. I had a great time at King’s Beach and it was a really good dive site.