Good Times Despite Bad Vis: Fort Wetherill, RI

When I heard Vin would be taking me out to dive in Rhode Island, I was really excited. Despite being born and raised in the Boston area, I had never actually been diving in the New England region. Having never scuba dived in water much colder than 75 degrees, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, my new 7-mm wetsuit kept me surprisingly warm, and I was able to thoroughly enjoy my bottom time at Fort Witherall. Our dives here served primarily as a skills review and a chance for me to get comfortable with some new gear in preparation for all the work I will be doing this summer. I was lucky to also be able to dive with Chris Millbern, the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society Rolex Scholar. After a long day of diving, Vin took me out to dinner at at Buffalo Wild Wings. “B-Dubs” is always a great meal, and it was great socializing with Chris, Vin, and his family.