Backscatter Photo with Mike Lodise

I had a great time with Mike Lodise while visiting Backscatter East in Derry, New Hampshire. Backscatter is a company which specializes in underwater photo and video. They have another location in Monterey, California, which I hope to visit in the future. During my time with Mike, I learned quite a bit about the mechanics of underwater photography and the many different camera and lighting options available to divers. I learned about the difference between photo and video lights, and learned more about the best ways to augment my GoPro for personal use. While I am still an amateur in the realm of photography, hearing all that Mike had to share was truly fascinating and intriguing. I look forward to improving my camera skill as my internship progresses. I will be diving with Mike next week so that he can give me some tips and practice with photography in the field. I can’t wait! Thanks so much for all your help, Mike.