We Are All Safe the Morning After the Storm

Whew the hurricane is over. We spent the day cleaning up the damage left behind by Charley. Luckily with all the interns we were able to clean up speedily, we started with our house first. It looks like we were incredibly, incredibly fortunate as no damage was done to the house nor cars, although unfortunately the rest of the neighborhood was not quite as lucky. We found out later that Artie’s car got crushed by a 50 foot roof in his college parking lot. The damage was just horrible to look at. The damage was disheartening but Charley was only a class 2 when it hit Orlando, I hate to think of the damage if it had stayed a class 4.

Neighbors’ houses were smashed in by old oaks that had been uprooted lodged into their roofs, and for some people, their brand new cars. Trees tore up curbstones and pavement and were littered all around the neighborhood, along with broken power lines and other debris. But before we walked around to see all this and to see if anyone needed help, without missing a beat Terrence was out of the house and by 7:30 he had freshly mowed the lawn and was edging it to perfection with his edger. People have been driving by all morning with double-takes and open mouths. “Untouched!”

Around lunch time we went to Allison’s parents’ house to clean up their yard (unfortunately had to cut down a nice tree in their back yard), and then went to Amy’s house after that. On our way to Amy’s we hit a storm that developed into a mini tornado and knocked the steeple off a church!! At night the we had d inner at Renee’s because she was the only person that had power. My flight obviously got canceled so I am flying home on Monday.