Another Day of Charley Clean-Up!

After a natural disaster, it’s comforting to see a positive change in public demeanor. Strangers are more than willing to come together and help eachother out. From here on, the only thing we can do is look at the situation with a positive attitude. Meeting new people and sharing stories helped lighten up the atmosphere. We went to Cambrian Foundation headquarters to clean up what had been left by Charley. The back yard and parking lot were filled with tree branches and the front was covered with a carpet of Spanish moss, but ultimately the property was pretty lucky compared to the rest of the neighborhood.

Humongous, humongous oak trees had fallen all over Orlando, one had fallen across the street from the office and another had doubly smashed in the roof of a neighboring house. We spent the next few hours hack sawing limbs and dragging brush to the street, and then drove back to rest for a while. We had a goodbye party for the interns at Renee’s house once we all got back. I’m so sad that I’m leaving tomorrow; Allison, Terrence, Renee, Amy, Josh, Artie, Paul, James, Tim, and Lee have become like family to me in only a week! We have learned so much from eachother and taught one another a lot too.

I wish we could all just have a little bit more time together, but all fun things eventually have to come to an end. I’m happy knowing that these awesome memories and good times spent together will never fade away. Thank you to the Cambrian Foundation, and everyone else that I met, for teaching me more than I could have ever imagined and for making it such an awesome trip. : )