Undersea Divers with Whitney and Shaun!

It was great to go back to Undersea Divers and volunteer at the shop for a few days. I enjoyed reconnecting with Whitney and Shaun and helping them out with an array of different tasks. By the end of my time at Undersea Divers, I knew the shop much better and gained a greater understanding of what it’s like to manage a dive shop, especially one with such strong local ties. It was nice to see so many return customers who love to stay and socialize.

Some of the tasks I helped out with included: taking store inventories, cleaning and distributing rental gear, maintaining store displays, organizing waivers and forms for customers, organizing incoming certification cards, and my favorite job of all, filling tanks. It’s amazing how much I learned over the course of my time here.

I look forward to staying in touch with Whitney and Shaun and hopefully swinging by the shop often. The amount of time and effort these two put into the running of the shop is admirable and it was rewarding to work with individuals who are so dedicated to their work, customers, and to the sport of scuba diving. Thanks so much for having me, Whitney and Shaun!