Baltimore: City, Sights, and Exploration

In addition to the action packed days with Holly at the National Aquarium, my visit to Baltimore afforded me the opportunity to explore the city and the Inner Harbor region where the Aquarium is located. The Inner Harbor area is home to many interesting and historical buildings and landmarks. I spent some time walking through the Barnes and Noble across from the Aquarium, which features an Amazonian fish tank (managed by the National Aquarium). This Barnes and Noble was built within an old power plant. The two large smokestacks running through the heart of the store provide a truly industrial feel. I also walked to the Maryland Science Center located near Federal Hill. I spent an afternoon at the Science Center, exploring the many exhibits and even attending a planetarium show about extraterrestrial life and exoplanets. The weather was warm but very nice throughout the week, so I also spent some time walking around Federal Hill and the shops located near the Aquarium, most notably the McCormick’s store (a company which originated in Baltimore) which sold lots of Old Bay seasoning.

Holly, her husband, Billy, and their dog, Wally, also showed me some of the highlights near their home, located roughly 15 miles north of the National Aquarium. The night I arrived, we took a walk with Wally on a trail loaded with fresh raspberries. We picked and talked the whole way. After our walk, the Bourbons treated me to snow cones. There were so many flavors to choose from, so I chose bubble gum, a flavor I had never tried! One another walk, we went swimming in a river: a refreshing activity given the high temperatures down in Maryland!

On my fourth night with the Bourbons, Holly and I went out to dinner in Camden Yards. After touring the Orioles park, we grabbed dinner in a nearby restaurant. It was really amazing to see this area; the stadium is quite magnificent.

A huge thanks goes out to Holly and Billy for hosting me during my time in Baltimore. I had a fantastic time and appreciate all that they did to make this happen. From scheduling my time at the Aquarium to making me feel at home with them, they truly went the extra mile to make my stay the best it could be. Thank you so much!