The Cambrian Foundation

Upon landing in Florida, I attempted to navigate through the airport to find my bags. Not an easy task, I might add. Luckily I met up with Amy and her husband Paul. Amy is the Cambrian Foundation president. Amy and Paul took me out to dinner with their daughter. During dinner I told them about my experiences thus far as the 2005 Frank Scalli intern. Shortly after dinner we met up with Terrence Tysall, one of the funniest men alive, also one of the best divers I have met, along with his friend Gill. Here is a piece of Terrence’s biography as it is listed on the Cambrian web site…it speaks for itself!

“Terrence is the Special Projects Director for the Foundation. Terry holds Instructor / Evaluator ratings with IANTD, NSS-CDS, SSI, TDI, PSA. He also sits on the Board of Directors for the Florida Speleological Researcher and the Advising board for the League of the New Worlds with Scott Carpenter and Clive Cussler. He has led multiple expeditions around the world including: The S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, The Great Blue Hole of Belize, The Andrea Doria, The U.S.S. Atlanta, The U.S.S. Monitor Survey and numerous cave explorations.”