Last Day at the New England Aquarium

Can you guess what I started out the day with again? You got it, food prep. Today, however, I got to do the 10 o’clock dive, and scrub the tank. Sometimes I get side tracked and play with Murtle. She likes to be scrubbed with the scrub brush. After the dive it was off to the farmers market. This is where the Aquarium purchases the food for the fish and Murtle. Holly taught me proper etiquette for the farmers market. Rule number one, You don’t pick out what you get. Don’t even think about it. Rule number two, DON’T, I really mean it, DON’T touch anything. We hurried back for the 1:15 cleaning dive. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing general maintenance and cleaning. My time at the New England Aquarium came to an end to quickly. I enjoyed working with Holly and the many volunteers, to numerous to name. Thank you to all of them for making me one of the “Crew”.