Reels, reels, and more reels!


One more time! Connecticut: Part…5? I started the day at Ricky’s shop, helping Anthony assemble 100 junior reels. If nothing else, I’ve got the bowline knot down for the rest of my life! Once we finished, it was time for lunch, and then all three of us headed back to Bigelow Hollow State Park for some diving. While we were at lunch, Ricky helped me outline and plan our dive. So, once we were in the water I was in charge of where we were going, and Ricky was in charge of kicking up silt…I’ve decided that I don’t like silt, but I DO like my reel. Ricky helped me get to the sunken picnic table, I tied off my reel, and then we went exploring. After a little while we went back, and then Ricky had me perform a search for my “lost buddy.” (I found him!). Besides one of my buddies getting “lost” and randomly being “out of air,” the dive was really fun. We explored the bottom, fed fish with clams, and Ricky showed me how to inflate Anthony’s emergency buoy. I don’t think Anthony really appreciated that… but it was funny to see him use it as a floaty! 🙂 All in all, the dive went pretty well for my first time being semi-in charge of a dive. It was stressful for me, but the environment was extremely controlled, and I had been there before, so that helped calm me down. But, the cure is practice, practice, practice! And, I’m sure I will be getting plenty more of it this summer! 🙂