Quarry Day


I’m beginning to think that I should just move to Connecticut! Today I met Ricky at Brownstone Quarry for another day of diving. Brownstone also doubles as a huge water park type attraction, with zip-lining, bouncy bounces (in the water) kayaking, and a whole ton of other fun stuff.  But, set off to the side is a large area just for SCUBA divers! It was really pretty, but the water was FREEZING! I was SO thankful for my DUI drysuit, and HOOD <3 ! Ricky and I  started to set-up our gear, but we were slightly delayed because I had to run back to my truck due to the fact that I sorta left a certain piece of equipment that was “slightly important” on my front seat in my excitement *cough* my regulator *cough* ….yeah..won’t be making THAT mistake twice. But anyways, after we were set-up and ready, into the water we went!  We worked on reel handling, explored an old truck, and then started to work on my buoyancy. After the first dive was over, we took a quick break, discussed the pros and cons, decided on our next plan of action, switched our tanks, and headed back in for round two. My buoyancy was TEN TIMES BETTER! Ricky had me practice hovering a foot above this one platform, and by the end of the dive, I could swim all around the platform at the same level! Then we went off to a sunken boat, and I kept my buoyancy almost the entire time! I’m not perfect by any means, but I’m getting markedly better every time! I can’t wait to see what I will be like by the end of the summer!