Dive Theory Review


The Dive Computer that Bobby Boyle donated. SUCH a cool piece of technology!

Today I drove down to Essex, Ct. to meet Captain Lee Livingston at Diver’s Cove. Lee is a good friend of the Sea Rovers, and was a huge help to me. He spent the better part of four hours refreshing all of the concepts and math, or Dive Theory, that I had learned in my Basic Open Water Course last summer (And boy, did it help! I can’t believe how rusty I was!). We also had some really nice chats, and he told me about a lot of his past experiences. It was a wonderful atmosphere to learn in, and we treated it more as a big long discussion and “story time” than a class.  The whole dive shop was like a big family. The owner,  Ed Rosacker, and his wife Chris were SO friendly! And, once Lee and I had finished going over everything, Ed took about 20minutes to show me how to work the dive computer that Bobby Boyle donated to me. Ed was extremely helpful, and showed me a few tricks on how to remember where things are in my computer. All in all, it was a great day, and I hope I get to work with everyone again in the future.