DAN Diving First Aid for Professional Divers with Chris Millbern

Today, I completed my DFA Pro course with instructor and friend Chris Millbern. Chris is an EMT, so there was no one better to teach me this hands on class; he had lots of personal insight to offer. This course provides divers with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct primary care at the professional level. I learned about oxygen administration, neurological assessments, hazardous marine life injuries, other dive-related injuries, and basic CPR and AED operation. We practiced everything from the proper application of latex gloves to performing chest compressions at the correct frequency and with the force necessary to circulate blood. Practicing these techniques (and many others) was both incredibly helpful and educational. This course is incredibly beneficial to any diver’s skillset and has prepared me to assist in the event of an emergency, dive related or other. Thanks, Chris, for lending me your time to teach; I appreciate it!