Artificial Reef Surveys: Diving with Vin Malkoski (Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries)

I was excited to dive with Vin again. This time I was able to observe and take part in his work with the Department of Marine Fisheries to monitor the health of artificial reefs at Sculpin Ledge in Boston Harbor. Our day started bright and early at the State Pier in Gloucester, MA. We then journeyed by boat roughly an hour and a half down the coast to our dive location in Boston. We conducted two dives, monitoring two separate locations. It was interesting to get involved with this work; I never even knew these artificial reefs existed! We saw lots of life underwater including fish like tautog and cunner as well as crabs, lobsters, and anemones. We documented every species we saw (plants and animals) so that we maintain a strong understanding of the community at these sites and how it changes over time. Thanks for inviting me to this cool opportunity, Vin!