the First Day!

Roads right on the outskirts of Boston Friday
Roads right on the outskirts of Boston Friday

So where to begin? I guess I’ll start the second week of March, the beginning of the Sea Rovers annual expo show


. Shortly after the infamous blizzard Nemo, Forecasts were calling for a little snow for Friday… well because it’s New England by Thursday night the little bit of snow quickly changed and many areas were expecting three feet. The storm certainly did deliver. The roads were an absolute mess and schools were cancelled left and right. Unfortunately, the Sea Rovers Career Opportunities in Marine Science (COMS) day was Friday morning. Despite the weather many rovers, presenters, high school students, and I managed to make our way to the Boston Public Library for Friday morning.


This was my first real experience as the sea rovers intern, and it really was great! There were presentations by the Cambrian foundation on cave diving, Dr. Skomal on shark biology and behavior, and Professor Buckley of Harvard on the global climate. It was very informative and engaging!


Following the presentations rovers and I went out for lunch in the library and then proceeded slowly over to Danvers, where the Sea Rovers Expo was being held. While trying to get out of Boston and over to Danvers we only got stuck on one parking garage ramp for only a few minutes… so overall the driving was a little interesting friday, but everything else was a major succes!

the sea rovers out to lunch after COMS
The sea rovers and presenters out to lunch after COMS
(I’m the underdressed one with his eyes closed)