2013 Sea Rovers Expo

Past Sea Rovers Interns
Past and Current Interns

Following COMS we headed to Danvers for the 2013 Sea Rovers Expo. Friday was a party where I met a ton of presenters and rovers, including the past interns. This was my first real experience meeting a lot of the rovers and it was very exciting! I met and talked to a lot of professionals in the marine industry, from photographers to engineers!

Saturday was the opening of the expo, so there were awesome presentations and exhibits throughout the day. Saturday night I went out to dinner with a few rovers and presenters. I had a wonderful conversation with Stan Waterman, a very prominent rover who was celebrating his 90th birthday! After dinner we proceeded to an awesome film festival featuring some awesome footage of pelagic animals off of Baja California. Also, I was formally given the internship.

Accepting the Internship from Ethan Gordon
Accepting the Internship from president Ethan Gordon, Saturday Night


Sunday was a pretty quiet day where everyone started to head out. I watched a few presentations and also went to a great freediving seminar put on by Nick, the owner of East Coast Divers. He was a very engaging teacher and I would highly recommend him! Following that I just helped break down some booths and eventually start to head home for some well earned relaxation. It was a long weekend!