Working at NOAA with Mark Dixon

Black sea bass

My next stop was with NOAA and Sea Rover Mark Dixon. We went out collecting oyster cages for a study looking at the impact of oyster beds on fish life. The fish are monitored through GoPros attached around the cages. When the cages were pulled up I was able to see some of the fish and other life, like crabs, cunner, gunnels, and black sea bass. As the cages were placed on the deck fish and crabs fell off of it. The young cunner have a small black spot on their dorsal fin, while the gunnels are slender almost eel like fish. Water samples were also taken to look at the water contents. Studies like this are essential to find out the potential impacts of aquaculture and how the oyster industry should handle factors in the environment. Thanks to Mark for taking me out on the boat for the day.