Woods Hole with George

We started our day off at the Woods Hole Aquarium , which only has New England species in it.  From there we walked over to the Alvin Museum and George told me all about Alvin and many other interesting facts.  I can not believe all of the information that George knows about so many topics.

Next we met up with Mr. Terry Rioux, who is the head of diving at Woods Hole.  He showed us all around his diving pier and his diving locker.  He then showed us their machine shop.  I guess the skies the limit there, they can build almost anything.  We went out to lunch and of course talked about our favorite topic……..diving.  We went over to the eel pond to relax for awhile.  All to soon it was time to head home. As I began my drive home it suddenly hit me.  It was all over.

But is it really over or just the beginning?  I have met so many people over the past few months and they have each inspired me and shaped my future in their own way.  There are so many options that I had never considered before beginning my adventure as the 2005 Frank Scalli Intern.  It was truly an honor to be chosen.  I hope that I will have the opportunity to give back what has been given to me. I especially thank the Boston Sea Rovers, who have made this dream a reality.