Turtle, Turtle

The day began with me learning how to prepare the food for the variety of different marine creatures living in the Giant Marine Tank. Then I got to feed Myrtle, a 600 pound sea turtle. I had to keep Myrtle occupied because she likes to harass the divers in the water. After doing some more cleaning and after feeding Myrtle again, it was my turn to dive in the tank. I suited up and headed in. I put to use my excellent scrubbing skills once again. This time I was playing with Myrtle.

Holly, Kate (2004 Frank Scalli Intern) and I went to go dip the fish collected over the winter. Dipping is when you put the fish in fresh water for four minutes to kill any bacteria. This was done to prepare the fish for entry into the Giant Marine Tank. Last but not least we cleaned up the kitchen and called it a day.