The Saganaga


The next wreck we did was the Saganaga. The Saganaga is known for having lots of lumpfish. Most people either think the lumpfish is really ugly or really cute. Personally I believe it depends on the lumpfish. But hey that’s just me. I’ve always wanted to see a lumpfish, and on one dive I went with Ryan King, a presenter at Sea Rovers and a tech diver who helped discover the wreck of the William H Machen. Ryan is an excellent photographer and a great diver and he helped me look for some of the lumpfish. We found a couple hanging out on the wreck. The first was orange and was protecting some eggs. It wasn’t really happy being photographed so we looked for more. The second we found was brown and rounder and was equally annoyed. I guess they just have a grumpy demeanor. The first was pretty funny looking and kind of cute, the other was just round and grotesquely ugly. But that said, it was amazing to see both of them suctioning on the the wreck and swimming around with their tiny fins. They are really marvels of the fish world.

The wreck itself was amazing, its massive cargo bays laid empty, at the bottom there were remnants of the iron ore they once carried. Atop the wreck there was a massive gun, laced with frilled anemones that looked like they were being blown out of it. The wreck was fantastic!