The Great Lakes: The End

The last two days of my great lakes trip was a lot of fun. I had an early flight out the next day, so we got up early the day before to make two dives. The first dive was on a tug, the Mary Alice. It is a beautifully preserved wooden vessel in about 85ft of water. From bow to stern this wreck was amazing. To start with, the wheelhouse on the bow is in pristine shape, the wooden wheel is still preserved! Midship is also very well preserved, the door to the galley still swings open and closed, and beautiful portholes allow some light to enter.


Following the Mary Alice we went over to the Regina. A large vessel sank in about 70ft of water. She lies upside down and there some wreckage strewn about on the bottom, like a glass bottle and plate I saw. Also along the ship you can find portholes and large anchors. At the stern though, there is an absolutely massive prop completely intact that proved to be a very photogenic opportunity.

After the dives we began editing my final video. Then we did some more editing. Then we stayed up really late and did some more editing. After a doing a little more editing I am sitting here in the Chicago airport with very little sleep and about ready embark on the final travel I will do for my internship, while I wait for my flight I am left here thinking. A few hours ago Pat Stayer and I finished putting everything I’ve done this summer into a 15 minute video. It wasn’t easy by any means, and I think seeing everything go by that fast really helps me see a little perspective on everything. Seeing all the amazing, unique experiences the rovers have provided me with simply stuns me. I know the internship may be over formally over, but in a way it has barely just begun. I really have just met the Sea Rovers, and hope to stay involved with the organization in the years to come. I cannot even begin to thank everyone who made this summer possible, from the internship sponsors like DUI and Undersea Divers, to all the Sea Rovers who put in so much time to make this internship possible. Thank you so much everyone!