Suit Up

Today I went to Beverly to meet the owner of Undersea Divers, Whitney Boyle. As usual, the shop was buzzing with people who were getting ready for another dive season. As we all know, diving is a gear-heavy sport, and I was entering the Eden of dive shops. For a store that was moving to a new location in a few days (check them out at 67 High St in Danvers!!!) the walls were stocked with gear and other necessities. Needless to say, I went a little wild. Though Whitney generously donated a Henderson thermaxx Titanium wetsuit, along with an AquaLung  Pro HD BCD (for my non-diving friends and fans BCD= buoyancy compensation device) and an AquaLung Calypso regulator, I still had loads of things to purchase to be a prepared and safe diver. While Whitney took care of some customers who needed air fills I got my weights, a light, a dive flag, and of course a bag that could fit all my new toys. I am extremely grateful that Whitney continued in her father’s footsteps to support the Sea Rovers intern. When I got home I modeled my new gear to my family. After teaching dive gear 101, it was time for the grand finale – modeling my custom fit (and purple!!!) Divers Unlimited International drysuit donated by DUI and fitted by Faith Ortins. I can’t wait to break it in soon for cold water diving during my summer of adventures!