Rain drop, drop top, Krista goes to work in a dive shop!

I have spent the last two days with previous intern Kim Malkoski at East Coast Divers in Brookline. In this time, I learned how to help customers find the perfect fit for a mask and basic dive gear so they could put their best fin forward as they earn their open water certification.  In addition to learning the ins and outs of working in a dive shop, I also sat in on an open water class to review some knowledge and joined a few other divers in an intro to tech and sidemount diving class. Tech and sidemount is a style of diving that interests me because it allows divers to go past the recreational limits and become more streamlined in the water to maneuver tight spaces during wreck or cave dives. To wrap my time up with the crew at East Coast Divers, I earned my night diving certification by diving at Old Garden Beach with Kim and her dad Vin Malkoski.

The view from Old Garden Beach

We dove to 25 feet for 45 minutes, and saw how the behavior of marine life changes at night time. My favorite part was when we turned all our lights off to see the bioluminescent dinoflagellates glow in the dark. What upset me, however, was the marine debris we found as we began to surface. As a diver, I see firsthand how diving locations are being plagued by harmful debris such as plastics or fishing line. Divers must be advocates for the ocean; please remember to properly dispose of your waste and pick any up if you come across it!

Netting I removed during our dive