Night dive and Pegasus Thruster

Me gearing up for the dive

Towards the end of the week I decided to try out a Pegasus Thruster, a small scooter that attaches to the back of the tank and you control with the push of button. I was a little anxious to try it out because it was hard to control at first and I would end up heading downward towards the sand. But once I got the hang of it I would scooter around just by moving my shoulders. I even tried a few short barrel rolls by tipping my shoulder. The scooter allowed me to go further along Coco View Wall than I ever had. I saw further down the wall than I thought I would be able to.

Later that night I tried a night dive where I was attempting to light paint the Prince Albert. I didn’t expect to get any good shots I just wanted to try it out. I went with Dylan from backscatter out to the wreck. Berkley had set me up with tripod and makeshift shutter holder so I could keep the camera’s shutter open for as long as I wanted. The viz wasn’t amazing but I tried it anyways, the main problem I ran it to was lots of divers shooting with Light and Motion, Nightsea Fluorescence strobes. This meant that every other shot a diver would swim into the frame with a massive blue light shining it into my camera and ruining my shot. This was a pain but at the same time I was able to nail down the route I would take around the wreck shining video light on it and trying to judge the exposure. I ended up getting a pretty bad shot, but I was still happy that I got to try a new technique, and I saw my first octopus on the wreck lurking about. A small translucent bluish octopus about an inch or maybe two across. So overall it was a great dive.