The last two days that I was at the Aquarium, I worked with the dive staff and the Giant Ocean Tank (GOT) staff.  I helped with food prep, feeding, cleaning and diving.  The GOT animals are fed 3 times per day, so there is a lot of food prep in the morning.  After feedings we have to wash all the containers that were used.  I had never done so many dishes!  Paul took me in for a tour of the tank.  It was so cool to see all of the different types of animals within one small ecosystem. I noticed very quickly how friendly the turtles are, especially Myrtle, who wants to know everything going on in the tank.  The next day, when I was doing a cleaning dive I was kneeling in an area known as the sand trap scrubbing some rocks, when one of the loggerheads came over and sat on top of my legs.  It was pretty funny to watch the turtle nestle in against me.  When I was not cleaning, I handled some of the surface feeds.  There are many fish, like the cobia, barracuda, puffer fish, needle nose fish that are fed from the surface.  Myrtle is also fed on the surface and her favorite food is Brussels sprouts.  The last day I was at the NEAQ, Dan Dolan took me into the tank and I was able to do some video taping for my presentation.  In the afternoon, I went back to the penguins where I got to feed them myself.  One of my favorite things about my time at the NEAQ was when I would first arrive in the morning.   It wasn’t open to the public yet so the lights where just starting to turn on and it was extremely quiet, all you could hear was the sound of the water and the animals.  I really enjoyed my experience at the Aquarium and learned so many things about how an aquarium works.