Michigan: Diving and Editing

The final stop of my summer internship landed me in Lexington, Michigan where I stayed with Jim and Pat Stayer. Jim and Pat are diving and videography experts with lots of experience in these fields. I enjoyed diving with them in Lake Huron, exploring the wrecks that lie below. I dove on three of the wrecks: the Sport, the Strong, and the Regina. The Regina was my favorite wreck to dive. I liked exploring its large propeller and large smokestack.

Given that Jim and Pat are experienced film producers, my time in Michigan was also spent editing this film. Jim and Pat provided all the support necessary to complete this film in the quick four-day time span we had together. From photo editing, to color correction, to transition optimization, the Stayers were instrumental in putting this all together.

I can’t thank Jim and Pat enough for taking me into their home, taking me out on the water with them to dive, and helping me edit my internship documentary. They were incredibly helpful and two incredibly nice individuals. I look forward to staying in touch with them and watching their film productions.