Lights! CAMERAS!… Housings?!


Me with Fred Dion at Backscatter East 🙂

Well, today I actually headed north instead of south! My destination? New Hampshire and Backscatter East, where I was meeting with Fred Dion to pick-up the cameras and their underwater housings that have been donated to the internship! I was pretty excited to “meet” the video camera that John Ellerbrock and Gates donated. All of the past interns have used it, and I can’t wait to try it out! I also received a still camera, with all the underwater fixings, newly donated to the internship this year by Andrew Bausk and Olympus.  To complete the “set,” Fred Dion and Underwater Photo-Tech donated an underwater video light. I was extremely eager to use everything…there was just one problem; I had no idea HOW it all worked!! But, that’s where Fred came to my rescue. He walked me through the basics on how to use everything, and now I think  I’m ready to do some experimenting of my own! After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we parted ways, and I headed back home. Tomorrow I’m going diving, and I’m bringing my camera with me! 😀