Last days at DAN

7/21/11 & 7/22/11

Running through a CPR and Oxygen scenario.

Wow. The past two days have been an absolute whirlwind of information. It started yesterday morning when I spent some time with Jeff Wilkins learning about how Google Alerts work, and how they help with dive fatality research. DAN tries to keep a record on file of every dive fatality that occurs, and they use Google Alerts to notify them of anything related comes up online. Then it is Jeff’s job to follow-up on all of the alerts and create a “case-file” for the database. It is a pretty large and research intensive job, but he is not the only one working on it, which is very helpful.

Johnathan and I, working on our Oxygen First Aid Skills....

After that I went upstairs where Brian and Mo showed me how DAN’s Dive Alert Magazine is organized and made. SO much work goes into the magazine, and they are planning about three issues ahead at all times. I got to see some of the pictures and stories that are being revised for the up-coming issue, and I got to see the final layout of what the current issue is going to be. There are so many diverse stories in the magazine, and I can’t wait to get mine in the mail!

Me, Patty, and Johnathan! Courses complete! Such a fun group! 🙂

After a quick lunch, it was time to get cracking on some course work! Patty was my instructor, and she started Jonathan (one of DAN’s interns) and I on our CPR/AED class first. By the time we finished all of the material and practical scenarios, it was high time for dinner! I was really excited for dinner tonight because the president of DAN, Dan Orr, and his wife Betty, got home early from their business trip, so we got to go out to dinner together! I met Dan and Betty at the Boston Sea Rover Clinic, and then again at Beneath the Sea, and I was really happy that I got to see them.

Good Work Team! (Johnathan and I shaking hands after completing all of our certifications).

The next morning Dan generously gifted me with some dive goodies, and then it was back to the books! After some very long hours, lots of bandaging, intense scenarios, and countless laughs, Jonathan and I triumphantly completed all of our certifications! Thanks to Patty’s immeasurable patience, we are now certified in CPR/AED, Oygen First Aid, Advanced Oxygen First Aid, On-Site Neurological Assessments, and First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries (like jelly fish stings)! It was a lot of information, and some if it was kind of scary, but I’m very glad that I know it all, and I feel much safer knowing that I have the skills to help if they are ever needed. I loved all of the time that I got to spend at DAN, but soon after I finished my last certification it was time for me to head off to the airport and on to my next adventure! Thank you to everyone at DAN!