Hiking and History!


Trail Head

We took today off from diving to give ourselves a bit of a break. So, Jason and Kate took me with them on a hike they were leading, then Rick took me, Tim, Margie, and Naoko to the Newfoundland museum, The Rooms!  It was great! The Newfoundland coast is absolutely breathtaking. I could hike it every day! The tourists on the hike with us were losing their minds when we started seeing whales in the bay. It was one of their number goals to achieve while they were here. For some reason I had a knack for spotting the whales, so they dubbed me the whale whisperer. They were a good group of people, and it was a short, but fun hike. Kate is British, and in the process of completing her studies in Newfoundland, so

Big Sea Cave!!

I had a good time picking her brain during the hike. She has explored so much of the world, and had some great advice for me. Who knows, maybe I will head back to Newfoundland when it’s my turn to pursue a masters or doctorates!

Me at The Rooms!

After the hike I ate a quick lunch at Ocean Quest, and then we were off again! Our destination was The Rooms. It is basically the Newfoundland museum of history. I was actually really excited to go because, unlike many of the history museums I’ve been to in the U.S., I don’t actually know any of the history of Newfoundland. Turns out Newfoundland was first colonized by the English, but as time went on, more and more of the Irish came to live there, until they greatly outnumbered the English. Not surprisingly, the number one lifestyle was fishing. It was a beautiful museum, and I really enjoyed walking through it. I’m glad I now know more about how  this fantastic place came to be what it is today.