Great Lakes Days One and Two

At 3am the morning after diving in the GOT I began traveling to the Great Lakes to do some video work with Pat and Jim Staire. So I arrived in Detroit at about noon. Once my baggage was all set we headed to 5 Guys for a quick lunch and then back to the Stayer’s house to set up for a dive around 2 or 3. I quickly unpacked all my gear and loaded it onto the boat right away, and we left to go diving. We were soon on the wreck, The Sport, which is a well-preserved tug in about 3o or 40 feet of water. The dive was very nice, the ships wheel is preserved, as well as a few other artifacts like a steam whistle. After the dive we returned to their house where I began working on my video.


The next day we went out for another dive, this time to The Strong is a shallow wreck, a barge from around 1900 that sank, and then was flattened as a hazard to navigation. There is still a lot of preserved wood around the site and a few interesting articles. Overall it was a shallow dive so great for all abilities, but it also had tons of life on it. All sorts of gobies and rock bass swarmed the wreck, and the shallow depth allowed for some good photo opportunities. After that dive we headed back and did some video work the rest of the day.