Fairhaven Day 1

This past week, from Tuesday to Thursday I went up to Fairhaven, Massachusetts to visit Eric Takakjian and his wife Lori. I arrived around 10 o’clock on Tuesday and Eric gave me the grand tour of his house, which is chock full of artifacts recovered from shipwrecks. Eric does all the restoration himself, which takes a remarkable abount of time, but everything turns out looking spectacular. After the tour, we got to work filling tanks with trimix, and interesting process that I’ve never seen before. Eric also showed me the decompression software on his computer and how it works. After this, we took off to drop some tanks off for fills, then we headed over to the New Bedford Whaling Museum. The museum houses a huge blue whale skeleton, as well as full humpback and sperm whale skeletons. The museum details the culture of whaling in New England. It has many spectacular displays of scrimshaw and model ships as well as some temporary art exhibits. The bow of a whaling has been imitated for people to walk over and view. After our visit to the whaling museum, we headed back to Fairhaven and stopped by the Quest, Eric and Lori’s boat. Eric explained to me about what his company, Quest Marine Sevices, does. They do a lot of testing scientific marine equipment for companies still in the process of developing and perfecting prototypes. After looking through some pictures of the dive expeditions that have also been done off the boat, we headed back to the house to have dinner and get some rest for the next day.