DUI Dry Suit Demo Days

When I met up with Dave and Pat in the parking lot of Stage Forte Park, I knew it was going to be an exciting day. From the first moment that I saw my new dry suit I was in awe. I still cannot believe that it is mine to use for the internship. During the Boston Sea Rovers 51st Clinic, when Faith fit my suit I had no idea how perfect it was going to be. Faith cut my neck and wrist seals so that my suit would fit like a glove. Next she showed me how to properly take care of a dry suit.

Vin and I then suited up for my first dive in my new suit and to check out all that Stage Forte Park had to offer. I was greeted when I got out of the water by Patrick Scalli who was there checking up on me. Patrick was pleased to know that all was going well. It was nice to get out of the water and still be totally dry. Soon after exiting the water, I changed out of my dry suit, and had the opportunity to enjoy lunch with the many volunteers and guests at the DUI DOG Days event.