Dry Suit Training

I spent the next few days with Vin Malkoski working on my dry suit training. I donned my DUI drysuit donated by Faith Ortins, and jumped into the green waters of the New Bedford test pool with Vin. Once we nailed down my weight system, we practiced buoyancy control and flipping around if I ever get inverted. I had a lot of fun flipping around just getting use to diving in what some people relate to a ziplock bag. But I felt comfortable and way warmer!

After a few more practice dives we went on my first dive on the Chester Poling. It was my first time on the wreck and it was amazing to see the wreck that I had heard so much about. The cunner were in full form, schooling around us. We also saw a few sea ravens hanging around. Then up the mooning line we went and just like that I was drysuit certified!