DOG Rally

This Sunday, I met Lee Livingston bright and early (5 am) at the Guilford commuter lot for what would be an exciting day. Our destination was Dutch Springs Pennsylvania, playing host for the weekend to the DUI DOG Rally and Demo Days. We arrived just before 8 am and I quickly realized that Dutch Springs was a popular place. There were tons of people there, even before the gates opened, ready for a day of diving. At 8, Lee and I made our way down to the water. I was surprised to see that Dutch Springs was an enormous filled in quarry. We found the DUI tents where everyone was gearing up for the day ahead. We found Faith who had fitted me back at the clinic and I had an opportunity to thank her for doing such a great job. I had received the brand new suit about a week prior and it fit great. Without further ado, Lee and I grabbed our gear and began suiting up for my first drysuit dive! Though getting geared up was a challenge, underwater the suit was a dream. For the dive (since I was a bit nervous) we went down to the platform at 25 feet did some skills and came back up. 10 minutes into the dive I was shocked with the revelation that, except for my head and hands, I was perfectly dry, and perfectly warm too, despite the 57 degree temperature. The second dive went much the way the first did, except this time Lee had borrowed a camera from the Sea Life demo and snapped a few shots underwater. After the dives we packed up our gear and then got a chance to enjoy the barbeque DUI offered and watch a bit of the excitement. All sorts of people were taking advantage of the opportunity to try out the DUI suits. I had the opportunity to meet some awesome people, snap a few photos and then head home.