Diving in Catalina: Day 3

Our final day in Catalina we did two more dives. For the first dive, I again focused on my wide angle photography, trying my best to capture the depth of the towering kelp forest. At the end of my dive, I also got the chance to play around with over-unders, using the big dome port in front of my lens to capture  the kelp forest below, and the island above. As you can see in the image, our dive site was right next to this gorgeous historic building.


For my second dive, I switched my lens and housing, changing to a 100mm macro lens for the first time. Luckily, we found some incredible macro subjects, principally an octopus that was hunting along the sea bottom. As it moved slowly through the kelp looking for prey I managed to take some pictures that I loved, capturing the octopus in its natural habitat.