Deep Dive

Coming back from the deep dive!

To complete my deep dive training I was helped by the dive shop instructor at Coco View. One morning we went out on a shore dive snorkeled out past the Prince Albert and dropped down to 70 fsw, swam along Newman’s wall down to the the edge of the wall which was exactly 103 fsw. The instructor brought down a plastic water bottle that was filled with air that had compressed as we went down. He than added a little bit of air to it to see how it would expand as we ascended. He also had a little card with different colors on it to show how at 100 ft red and yellow didn’t exist they looked more like mild greens. This is due to the fact that as you descend in depth colors gradually subtract till you’re left with only blues. He then shined a flashlight on the card revealing the true colors. The last thing that we did at 100 fsw was open an egg and see how the pressure had changed it, but it really hadn’t because it has liquid and not gas in it. As we safely ascended we headed along the back side of Newman’s wall looking at the marine life we found another green moray this one about 4 ft. I found a sea biscuit, which is an echinoderm related to sand dollars. As we were swimming back along Newman’s Wall we spotted three spotted eagle rays! They flew effortlessly through the water it seemed like they weren’t waving at all but in reality they were speeding by us with the slowest movements and short flicks of their wings. It was an amazing sight to see. We headed back along the wall, did our safety stop and surfaced on the beach. I had completed my advanced training.