Day Three: A Day of Learning at the Cambrian Foundation

Tomorrow will start off with an early departure to the Rollins College pool for the cavern course, but today we got to sleep late! Josh and I spent the day at Amy’s house with her parents and baby Allie, and with Amy’s rescued tortoise! Amy is helping “Stitch” rehabilitate after she and Terrence found it with a cracked shell and punctured lung. I was trying not to laugh when she told me it was time to take it out for a walk. But hey, I guess everybody needs their exercise!

After Amy’s house and the speedy excursion with the tortoise, we all went to Terrence’s house to start the nitrox class. Boy did I learn a lot. Terrence’s teaching style is phenomenal, he is exceedingly through. He teaches above and beyond never failing to keep it real with scenarios he’s encountered in the past, which helps us as students to look at diving from a broader perspective. Ultimately, breathing nitrox IS 150% easier than learning it- thank you Sipperly. After a big night of learning I’m ready for bed! We’re getting up early tomorrow for more cavern class!