Camera Work

I drove up to Derry New Hampshire to pick up the interns camera and accessories. When I arrived at Underwater Phototec I got to play with all the new toys! I have a small amount of experience with video cameras as I filmed youth football games, but other than turning it on and messing with the zoom, I am largely clueless. So we took all the cameras out, they showed me some basic maintenance. Then we charged up both the video camera, still camera, and the video light. In the meantime I was given lots of literature on filming and photographing techniques. After allowing the cameras to charge up I played around with them for a bit and learned how to use them in general terms. The next day I met with a professional for a more hands-on, in the water experience.


I met Peter Ventorous in Jamestown in the morning, and talked briefly to some divers who were getting out of the water… Peter Venoutsos and I begin discussing the great macro capabilities of my camera. After some dry training we geared up and hit the water! He used the camera for a while, then we switched and he gave me some pointers. Viz was definitely only great for macro shooting, so we decided to only do one dive. After the dive we packed up and he treated me to lunch on the island. During lunch we talked about his life as a professional diver and photographer, and he gave me some more tips. Overall it was a great, interesting and very informative day!