Artifacts Galore

On our way out to the wreck sight I saw a boat grounded on one of the reefs.  To the Park Service this is a very big deal.  We had to call it in and wait until someone came to the sight and took care of the reef.  Today I worked with Brenda trying to figure out where the debris field ended.  In the beginning of our dive we thought we had located the bow, which has not yet been found.  The wreck is very broken up and lies in many pieces on the bottom.  What was neat about this part of the sight is that it had a lot of intact artifacts laying everywhere.  It also amazed me how much of a reef could grow over a wreck.

On my second dive I did a little bit more searching in the debris field and then went to finish drawing my piece of the wreckage.  We headed in, chased by our daily storms and attempted not to get drenched.  Back at the dive locker we filled tanks and then Mark made the call that we would stay in for the evening and put together the map of the wreck