A Newfoundland in Newfoundland!!!! :D


Ocean Quest's On-site Training Pool

Wow, I certainly got some exercise today! In the morning I helped out at Ocean Quest with Jason’s open-water class in the on-site training pool.

The Ocean Quest Logo is on the bottom of the Pool!

All of the students were really excited to learn. Then, after class was over, I continued my day by going hiking along the coast with Jason and his fiancée, Kate.  It was absolutely GOREGEOUS!The cliffs are amazing, and the whole time we had the woods on our left, and the ocean on our right. We actually saw minke whales while we were hiking!!

Gorgeous Newfoundland Coast!

I was also excited that we ran into a friendly hiker who had her big Newfoundland dog with her! I got to play with a Newfoundland IN Newfoundland!

The Newfoundland Dog! 😀

The nerd side of me was completely satisfied by this 🙂 . I could have stayed out hiking for hours and hours, but eventually it was time to head back to Ocean Quest.

One of the waterfalls we crossed while hiking!

An absolutely wonderful dinner was awaiting us, graciously made by Tim, one of Rick’s close friends visiting with his newly wed wife from the U.K! I swear, by the time I get back to the states I’m never going to be satisfied by anything but my mom’s cooking, and I’m going to have the most mangled New York, Massachusetts, Canadian, British accent you’ve ever heard! 😀