A Day of Good Vis and Weather

The team went to Earl King led by Dave today. We made our assault upon the wreck. My assignment was to draw a new piece of it. When I was finished I was stolen to be a dummy end (I had to hold the end of a tape measure) during my second dive to help someone else who was mapping the wreck out. The water was flat calm and it was a great day.  We flew back into shore getting chased by the 3 p.m. daily storm. The real adventure is when we tried to go to diner they closed the road we were on and we where stuck both ways. It took awhile but we made it  to the restaurant, however it was closed, needless to say it was a rough night. Finally we found an open restaurant and got some food.  Once back at the condo Jon, my roommate, and I watched movies and called it a night.